Datum Transformations

Using OSTN15 with QGIS

As you may be aware, the United Kingdom has a new transformation model that is OSTN15. But why? What does it mean to the geospatial community? Without being too nerdy, tectonic plate movement means that the “model” surface (the geoid) is slowly moving away from being the best fit for the coordinate system. It has...

Figure 1: A traverse with an angle blunder

Methods of Analyzing Data, Part 1

This entry is part of 10 in the series September 2016Identifying Blunders with Graphics Mistakes and blunders are an inevitable part of being human. In fact, a wise person once told me that the only people who don’t make mistakes are those who don’t do anything. Because a least squares adjustment of a plane survey...


xyHt News Links: 9/23/16

SimActive Brings Picture-in-Picture 3D Viewing with Version 6.5 ASPRS Executive Director Stepping Down NovAtel announces VEXXIS family of GNSS antennas 3D Target to Launch Payload Lidar at Intergeo Geodetics introduces mobile mapping system with lidar, GPS

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Action Plans: Forum on the Future of Surveying

This entry is part 1 of 10 in the series September 2016The second meeting of the Forum on the Future of Surveying produced a plan of action and strategy. Editor’s note: This column continues to provide monthly coverage of the national initiative, Forum on the Future of Surveying (FFOS). See the first installment in our...


Position Available: Land Surveyor I – Alaska DOT

State of Alaska Department of Transportation is recruiting for a Land Surveyor I. This position is the lead land surveyor in the Locations unit, operating under the supervision of the regional location surveyor. Primarily responsible for obtaining, supporting, and overseeing surveying and mapping projects that are used for design and right of way acquisition for...


Rochester & Associates: In Control with VRS Now

This entry is part 5 of 10 in the series September 2016Rochester & Associated uses precise on-demand positions to save time and money. Real-Time Networks (RTN) can be liberating: “When you get on a project site and have on-demand positions, there are so many more possibilities to get the job done rapidly and precisely,” says...