Tunnel Vision

This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series xyHt in print May 2015Dis-located What do you think of all this new technology? Do you love it? Do you fear it?  Does it keep advancing faster than you can keep up?  In our industries, new technology usually means change.  We will probably need to...


xyHt News Links – 5/29/15

Juniper Systems to Carry Cedar Tree Android® Rugged Handhelds House lawmakers cut civil GPS funding across the board Adelos Unveils Distributed Acoustic Sensor Solution for Upstream Oil & Gas MAPPS Announces Summer Conference, July 12-15 in Sunriver, Oregon

art of retracement

The Beaten Path

This entry is part 5 of 9 in the series xyHt in print May 2015Art of Retracement With a set of eyes that had focused on survey lines through several eras, the Old Man (Glenny Dale, also known as Glutton), took one look at the cluster of three monuments along a right-of-way fence line. The...


The Clock(s) at the Center of the Universe

To provide precise global time, critical to our digital world, the United States Naval Observatory serves as the major node in a worldwide array of synchronized atomic clocks. For all but a relatively few astronomers and scientists, the universe of humans centers around our earthbound activities and our heuristic sense of time – day, night, seasons,...