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Septentrio’s headquarters in Belgium has an international staff, about half in engineering.

Advancing GNSS

This entry is part 6 of 4 in the series xyHt in print February 2016A Profile of Septentrio Editor’s note: The name Septentrio may not be familiar to you, but after their formal acquisition of Altus (with which Septentrio has collaborated for a decade) you may be hearing more about...


Unlocking the Mysteries of the Green

A new hyper-real golf simulator app developed with point clouds calibrates golf greens so golfers can raise their mental game. Every golfer knows, you “drive for show put for dough.” Yet, once the ball is within several yards of the hole, it seems to take on a mind of its...


Location Technology

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series xyHt in print February 2016Terms and Uses Below is an infographic of location technology: end-use sectors, example activities, types of technology typically employed, and respective precision ranges. To help make sense of this complexity, we have developed several categories of...