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elistair's tethered drone

The Power of Tethered Drones

This entry is part of 24 in the series PangaeaBefore the FAA’s Rule 107 allowing UAS use for commercial work, we waited patiently (and often impatiently) for the day when UAS would be “unleashed.” Ironically, now a new class of UAS gets its power from actually being on a leash....


xyHt Weekly News Recap: 5/19/17

Satlab Geosolutions introduces Ultra-Compact Multiconstellation GNSS UAV/RTK Receiver including Dual Antenna Heading capability senseFly Corridor solution boosts efficiency of linear mapping projects Icaros Releases Version 5.0 of OneButton™ Drone Image Processing Software Congress increases funding for UAS research, airspace integration Blue Marble Releases Mobile Friendly Version of the GeoCalc Geodetic Registry...