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The Future of Office Software

Cloud-based computing offers advantages in speed and cost, and desktop software is adapting to leverage the benefits.  It seems like just yesterday we had dial-up internet connections using 56k modems. It is amazing to observe how technology has evolved and how much our lives depend on being connected. That evolution is driving fundamental changes for...

Raw field data from GNSS, total stations, and scanning can be processed and combined in a single environment using Trimble Business Center.

Geospatial Data United

Industry trends are moving toward consolidated environments for data visualization, processing, and management. From the title you might get the impression this article is about a soccer team. To geospatial professionals, however, the title phrase could describe an ideal situation—the ability to handle all geospatial data in a common software environment. A soccer team is made up...

Visualization reveals a common error of using an incorrect point ID for a backsight. Technicians can correct the error while preserving integrity of the original measurements

Raising the Confidence Level

A surveyor’s most important deliverable emerges from detailed analysis and quality control. Recently, my four-year-old son grabbed my tape measure and began taking measurements of our living room. I asked if he wanted to be a surveyor like his dad, and he confirmed with a smile on his face. I played a small joke on...