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By the time these kids are practicing surveyors, licensing and regulation of certain professions may disappear from state statutes and administrative rules.

Certifications or Licensing? The Future of Surveying

This entry is part 3 of 8 in the series July 2017Part 1 Editor’s note: What will regulation, certification, and licensing of the surveying profession look like in the near and distant future? Surveying is and always has been molded by external influences: markets, technologies, economic conditions, demographics, and competition from outside of the profession....


A Post-licensing World for Surveying?

One geospatial professional’s suggestions on increasing the professional aspect and relevancy of the surveying profession. Editor’s note: The subject of licensure for surveyors, photogrammetrists, and other geospatial professionals has heated up of late. This has been as a result of efforts in a number of states, including Tennessee and Washington, to redefine the definition of...