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Q&A with 3D Guru TJ McCue

Autodesk is sponsoring an eight-month 3D RV (recreational vehicle) 100 stop tour of the U.S. that celebrates the future of how things are designed and made. Led by TJ McCue, host, writer, and 3D enthusiast, the 3D RV tour is visiting America’s cities, towns and off-the-beaten path byways to explore a powerful and fundamental change...


Heads-up Hard Hats

A new smart helmet brings VR to the workplace.  Virtual Reality (VR) and “wearables” are all the rage now, but we expect the hype to subside at some point, and then we’ll start seeing products suitable for real-world applications. Sure, there is Glass and Oculus, but how can such devices move beyond gaming, marketing, (and...

Pete Kelsey, Autodesk’s strategic projects executive, did some of the hands-on measurement himself on a survey with the Park Service to evaluate the conditions of the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

Autodesk and Measurement

“After all of these years, I’m really happy to be able to say that Autodesk is now truly in the measurement business,” says Pete Kelsey, Autodesk’s strategic projects executive. Though he was quick to add qualifiers to that statement: “We are not in the measurement hardware business, but we are now more closely aligned with...


Can You Hear the Shape of a Room?

There is a sort of scientific “sweet spot,” a window of discovery. It occurs when science turns a question into a potential solution to practical problems, even to problems that had been long dismissed as a “bridge too far.” If you can identify this sweet spot, you can trace the scientific roots of an emerging...