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How May I Assist You?

Support Agent THX1138: Hello, and thank you for calling GenericGeo, world leader in innovation, synergy, integration, empowerment, and creative solutions for your Geo world. Ask me about our gluten-free geomatics products. This is support specialist agent number THX1138. How might I direct your call? Caller: The screen and keypad fell off my data collector. 1138: So,...


What is xyHt?

Stand in the place where you live Now face North Think about direction Wonder why you haven’t before “Stand” – R.E.M. Why an obscure geodetic expression? It’s not all that obscure—it represents a foundational element requisite to nearly all human endeavor. It touches your life explicitly and in the abstract. All of the ways that...

This picture is of me in the pond where this incident took place. This was a different day and shows how hazardous our job is sometimes. And yes I did find a place that was over my head and thought I stepped on an alligator (dang log!).

Field Hazards: A Two-Copperhead Tuesday

It’s hot, dang hot here in Georgia. It’s so hot, you wish somebody would hit you in the head with a wet squirrel and cool you off! As a 56-year-old registered surveyor/party chief/instrument man/rodman/cad tech and office cleaner, I’m tired, hot, mosquito bit, chigger infested, and Grand-Central-Station for all of the ticks trying to get...