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from shore to floor feat

From Shore to Floor

Today’s technology records depth from land to deep waters accurately and efficiently. More than 90% of the world’s trade is carried by sea, according to the International Maritime Organization. Therefore, accurate and up-to-date charts of coastal waters for ship navigation are vital for world commerce. The current expansion of the Panama Canal, which will double...

Phil Kerns of Visual Intelligence accepts the Grand Award at the 2014 MAPPS Geospatial Products and Services Excellence competition.

Visual Intelligence Takes Top MAPPS Honors

By xyHt Visual Intelligence captured the Grand Award at the 8th annual MAPPS Geospatial Products and Services Excellence Awards ceremony. The award was presented at the 2014 Geospatial and Engineering International Marketing Conference in Alexandria, Virginia on September 25, 2014. A software and sensor technology company based in Houston, Texas Visual Intelligence won with their...


Imaging Rover on the Canal

A Florida surveying company puts a new technology to the test on an historic canal fronted by 21 subdivisions. Editor’s note: The announcement of the Trimble V10 imaging rover in late 2013 was greeted with a mix of excitement and questions (“what is it?”). With close-range photogrammetry just beginning to reach the toolboxes of surveyors...


Q&A with 3D Guru TJ McCue

Autodesk is sponsoring an eight-month 3D RV (recreational vehicle) 100 stop tour of the U.S. that celebrates the future of how things are designed and made. Led by TJ McCue, host, writer, and 3D enthusiast, the 3D RV tour is visiting America’s cities, towns and off-the-beaten path byways to explore a powerful and fundamental change...

drone art elevated element

Drone Art: Art Meets the Science of UAS at Elevated Element

Our company, Elevated Element, uses UAS for aerial photography. Our monuments capture project came about when we were contacted by Direct Dimensions, a 3D modeling firm, with the idea of combining the techniques of aerial UAS photography and digital 3D scanning. We chose the Francis Scott Key Monument in Baltimore’s neighborhood of Bolton Hill because...


How to Talk with Clients About Laser Scanning

Clients should choose a laser scan primarily when they need to document existing conditions for a future construction or complex renovation project.  When complex conditions exist, the risk of a mistake using a tape measure and sketch pad greatly increases the probability of a construction error. If this matches our clients’ needs, we then discuss...