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An automatic weather station powered by a solar panel.

Mobile System Alerts Dubai Drivers of Approaching Sandstorms

Periodically, large sandstorms and low-visibility conditions wreak havoc in the Middle East, with potentially deadly consequences for drivers. In 2007, a sandstorm in Saudi Arabia caused a pileup involving about 80 cars. In 2008, low-visibility conditions caused a 200-car pileup on the border between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, killing about 25 people. In April 2012, a...

internet of things

An Intro to Internet of Things

Internet of Things and Internet of Where-Things-Are Your field measurement instrument is connected to the internet as is your data collector; plus your phone and perhaps your watch; your home’s thermostat, security system, and lighting; your television, game consoles, entertainment system; your car, your kids, maybe even your dog’s collar; and soon, too, things like...

Image courtesy of DigitalGlobe.

New Markets for Satellite Imagery

In June, the U.S. Department of Commerce, granting a request by DigitalGlobe, gave the company permission to sell its imagery at the best resolutions available from its current constellation. Additionally, six months after its new WorldView-3 satellite is operational, DigitalGlobe will be permitted to sell imagery at a resolution of up to 0.25 meters panchromatic and...

A screen shot from the presentation on new OGC Standards: GeoPackage, 
OWS Context & Geosync by Luis Bermudez, Open Geospatial Consortium

FOSS4G 2014

If you’re seriously into open source GIS, you were (or should have been) at the FOSS4G (Free and Open Source Software for Geoinformatics) international conference held September 8-13 in Portland, OR. An annual event since 2006, FOSS4G is large enough to attract the heavy-hitter vendors (e.g., Google, Amazon and Boundless), yet small enough to enable...


Critical Issues for GIS/Survey Cooperation

State Plane Coordinates in Legal Descriptions The time is now to have State Plane Coordinates (SPC) attached to key monuments that should be part of just about any legal description, in the proper context.*  This has been discussed since the early 1980s and has been accomplished only on a piecemeal basis.  With coordinate inclusion, a...


Google Glass

The box a Glass arrives in is pretty impressive in and of itself—it reminded me more of Apple packaging for iPads than of typical Android products  (top right). A little card underneath the Glass holder tells you that you are special for spending so much money (middle right). There are really very few operating instructions...