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Open Source in the UK

Contrary to popular belief, it was neither the UK government nor Britain’s national mapping agency, Ordnance Survey, who started the UK open-source movement. Although open source was present and used in the UK before 2006, it was The Guardian newspaper that started a campaign called “Free Our Data,” which called for the raw data collected...

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Low-cost DIY GPS Data Logger

It wasn’t that long ago when the ability to create a functioning GPS device was reserved for the big companies, academics, and those with money to burn. Today, thanks to the ever-increasing demand for consumer-grade GPS electronics (such as those in every smart phone), the availability of GPS integrated circuits (chips) has dramatically increased, while...


Crafting The Future via Geodesign

Geodesign is on the move. While the term may be new to some, it is an old concept getting new life via modern technology: how the science of geography should inform our methods of design. In that sense, geodesign is an applied science, and we humans have been doing it naturally since the dawn of...


Morphing Landscapes

Normally we create digital surface models (DSM) and elevation models (DEM) to analyze the topography and visual issues related to a project or issue. The requirement for accuracy and precision is paramount, ensuring that the correct method(s) of converting the data from raw source to an accurate model is more a work of art than...

Map contains Ordnance Survey data @ Crown copyright and database right 2014

Open Source

The door to open source geospatial software has been unlocked. It’s time to take a peek inside.   The open source geospatial movement is not purely about “free” (as in no cost). There truly are other aspects of “free,” as in “free to develop without constraints,” and free access to public geodata without necessarily having...


GeoArt: Velocity Made Good

All of her artworks, says Perri Howard, “involve the relationship between human perception and sense of place.” Sculpture, painting, drawing, writing, and sound are some of the mediums with which Perri Howard expresses her spatially inspired art. The name of her studio is a nautical term: “Velocity Made Good,” which means the element of a...