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Wetlands Synergism

Professional interdependency is at the core of this project for acquiring federal conservation easements and restoring wetlands in Tennessee. Each item we touch these days has been shaped by a village of experts, from that cell phone in your pocket to the water coming out of the nearest drinking fountain. The surveying and engineering professions...


Sicilian Survey of the Norman Bridge

Standing at 10,970 feet tall, Italy’s Mount Etna dominates the eastern coast of Sicily and is the highest volcano on the European continent. At the foot of “the mountain,” as it is referred to by Sicilians, stretches a vast area of cultivated fields interlaced with a dense network of narrow streets bordered by the dry lava...

Phil Kerns of Visual Intelligence accepts the Grand Award at the 2014 MAPPS Geospatial Products and Services Excellence competition.

Visual Intelligence Takes Top MAPPS Honors

By xyHt Visual Intelligence captured the Grand Award at the 8th annual MAPPS Geospatial Products and Services Excellence Awards ceremony. The award was presented at the 2014 Geospatial and Engineering International Marketing Conference in Alexandria, Virginia on September 25, 2014. A software and sensor technology company based in Houston, Texas Visual Intelligence won with their...

Solo Surveyor

My Dad the Solo Surveyor

Dislocated My dad’s been acting pretty suspicious lately. He comes home after long hours with bruises, bug bites, and scratches. He invites strangers into our den. He also leaves to have these “lunch” meetings. I’m pretty sure that he’s not a superhero or a therapist, so I finally decided to ask what the heck’s going on....

This picture is of me in the pond where this incident took place. This was a different day and shows how hazardous our job is sometimes. And yes I did find a place that was over my head and thought I stepped on an alligator (dang log!).

Field Hazards: A Two-Copperhead Tuesday

It’s hot, dang hot here in Georgia. It’s so hot, you wish somebody would hit you in the head with a wet squirrel and cool you off! As a 56-year-old registered surveyor/party chief/instrument man/rodman/cad tech and office cleaner, I’m tired, hot, mosquito bit, chigger infested, and Grand-Central-Station for all of the ticks trying to get...


Transformation of Observations

Educate: Where Theory Meets Practice In previous articles I’ve discussed the reduction of conventional surveying observations to their geodetic equivalents. This article presents how these observations can be reduced to simple vector components that match GNSS surveyed baseline vectors. Unfortunately this transformation of conventional observations to GNSS baseline vectors involves three-dimensional rotations, so the mathematics will increase....