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Survey Web Tools

How to use them for land survey planning and reconnaissance.  When I first used GNSS, it was my usual practice to go to the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) website to gather the data sheets for control monuments in the vicinity of my project area. I would plot these in a program called TopoScout, a topographic...

Newly implemented technology has allowed the company to reduce crew sizes by half. Shown here are (left to right) crew cheifs Kenny Roy and David Johnson.

Going Smaller to Grow Bigger

Editor’s note: Some of the more significant changes in workflows and data management in surveying field and office operations have come in recent years: a move to mobile, robotics, and cloud-enabled software suites. But, how has implementation played out? We offer the following case study of a forward-thinking surveying and mapping firm that has implemented...

Port of Anchorage

The New Spacescape

Small satellites are changing who dominates the field of satellite remote sensing. Move over military and government policy and regulation. Make way for private companies and even the public.   There are big changes afoot in the satellite remote-sensing field: improved technology as well as regulatory shifts enabling the application of this technology (see “New Markets for Satellite...


Model of a Fiery Earth

This copper engraving entitled “Fire Canals” is an early 3D diagram of volcanology; it’s a cross-section of the Earth showing volcanoes on the surface forming from a molten magma core. Note the ships sailing between erupting volcanoes, blown by the four winds. This model was created by the Jesuit scholar and polymath Athanasius Kircher (1620 –...

In this most accurate model of the geoid (by the European Space Agency’s GOCE mission), the colors represent deviations in height from an ideal 
geoid. Courtesy of ESA/HPF/DLR.

Not Always Better With Age

Some things get better with age; some do not. Surely this is true for wine, but not sake or unrefrigerated shellfish. In the past we would view something that was made or had been established years past as holding invariant weight or authority. This was often because the effort to make or establish the item...

Bluestone Dam is a concrete gravity dam located just upstream of the confluence of the New and Greenbrier Rivers near Hinton, West Virginia.

Capturing the Bluestone Dam

Above: Bluestone Dam is a concrete gravity dam located just upstream of the confluence of the New and Greenbrier Rivers near Hinton, West Virginia.   Editor’s note: Because the Bluestone Dam is critical infrastructure, the Corps cannot display images of its insides. In fact, security is one of the key reasons it didn’t contract out the...