Jie Zhang

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Jie ZhangPhD Senior Researcher at Imagister Solutions, Ltd

The use of GNSS in consumer applications dwarfs high-precision uses by orders of magnitude. With a substantial amount of GNSS research being performed for such uses, it is likely that the great breakthroughs in, for instance, indoor signal-based navigation will come from related labs and researchers. Jie Zhang is one of the talented researchers performing the heavy lifting for GNSS: signal processing and algorithm development. This vital work is happening mostly without fanfare, but within such circles Jie has made a mark with her publications, awards, research, and (as nominators noted) her particularly positive outlook.

 Jie earned her BE in communications engineering in Beijing, then information technology in Finland, with a masters and then PhD from Tampre University (Finland) with her publication of “Advanced Signal Processing in Multi-mode Multi-frequency Receivers for Positioning Applications.” A long list of publications and accolades has followed. Jie was involved in the GRAMMAR (Galileo Ready Advanced Mass Market Receiver) project.


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