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State Plane Coordinates 2022

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Ready or not, here they come. Considering all of the outreach that the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) has been doing for the last couple of years, hopefully most of you are well aware of the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) Modernization Project. That project will result in the replacement of both the North American Datum […]

Land Surveyors: Our Place in History

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Editor’s Note: Thank you to John S. Rogers, Arizona Surveying, Inc., Flagstaff, AZ, for his comprehensive thoughts on the prominent role our scientific profession has played throughout the ages. I suspect, or certainly hope, that all professional land surveyors across the country, and our counterparts across the world, have a good understanding of many of the […]

Being a Reference for Survey Exam Candidates

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Why you should take the opportunity seriously. If you spend time reading almost anything regarding the state of our profession and the growing concerns regarding the viability thereof, you will often see several factors mentioned: the inability to attract young people despite our high-tech, three-dimensional suite of deliverables, the erosion/loss of traditional surveyor tasks, in […]

It’s an Inverse, Jim

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When I first started working in the survey profession, many new activities I quickly learned and others took years to perfect. The two pieces of advice I heard most often in the beginning of my training were: dig the hole a little wider and deeper, and hold the dumb end of the chain. The L.S. […]

Surveying Scientists: The USGS Does It Right

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As is often the case in our tightly networked profession, one thing leads to another. In early 2017 I was contacted by the US Geological Survey (USGS) hydrologist, Brenda Densmore, from the USGS Nebraska Water Science Center. Brenda had found me through the NGS State Geodetic Coordinator web page and reached out to me for […]

Getting out Is a Good Thing

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Field Notes Although I have been active in the surveying profession in several ways over the years, including serving as the editor of Field Notes, I really haven’t ventured out much to seek face-to-face encounters in various venues and settings, but that recently changed a bit and has produced a new perspective for me. In […]