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GeoDude: The Adoption Status of Laser Scanning Today, Part 1

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By Geoffrey Jacobs Note from the editor in chief: In 2006 when I began at this magazine’s predecessor, Professional Surveyor, Geoff Jacobs was already an established 3D scanning columnist, trusted as an industry specialist and read regularly by our subscribers. He’s a significant leader in the field; Geoff is also a pleasure to work with. […]

The GeoDude on the Adoption of Laser Scanning Today

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Part 2 Above: Although not yet fully mainstream for topographic surveys, laser scanning is frequently used to topo sites with a lot of detail and hardscape. Credit: Allegheny Surveys. With new and emerging technologies such as laser scanning, many professionals want to know “When is the right time to get in?” They may worry about […]

The GeoDude on Scanning Efficiency

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A Snapshot from the GeoDude on Rich Data Here’s a comparison of today’s field and office efficiencies—for conventional surveying methods versus laser scanning—as applied to topographic and site surveys. Above: The firm that used scanning for this site survey noted that more than 60% of these types of projects entail scope creep; scanning typically avoids go-backs. […]

The Value of 360º Digital Panoramic Images

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The GeoDude tells us that rich, new deliverables are changing client expectations for the better. One of the biggest impacts that 3D laser scanning has had on the market is a set of new client deliverables that it has spawned. One deliverable in particular (360° panoramic digital images) has profoundly raised the bar of client expectations, yet […]

UAVs and Laser Screening: Friends of Foes

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Some professionals predicted doom for terrestrial scanning right when inexpensive drones with calibrated cameras hit the market and new image processing software wowed audiences with cool 3D mesh models of statues. But how have things actually turned out? I recently interviewed key industry users and vendors who are deep into both technologies – here’s what […]