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xyHt Magazine March 2018 Issue

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Click on the cover below to view the March 2018 issue of xyHt magazine. Articles in the issue include (links will turn live throughout March): Real Surveying: xyHt solicits surveyors and professional surveying societies and associations in the US and internationally to discuss the topic of real surveying. A New Line: A new class of instrument […]

Real Surveying?

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How often do you ask yourself, “What is land surveying?” Is land surveying a narrow field of specific expertise or a wide expanse of overlapping skills joined together in a common cause? Is a surveying license the only way to demonstrate competency, or can one have skills that lie outside the commonly tested criteria? More […]

Teaching Land Stewardship

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The focus of the professional surveying societies today seems to be on the decline of the number of surveyors out there.  Some are even beginning to raise this level of concern to that of soft panic. From the outside, the surveying community is headed for a perfect storm of obsolescence.  Technology has contributed to the […]

Surveying Boot Camp

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Deep in the heart of Oregon’s Coastal Range, you can find an elite team of surveyors taking on some of the hardest terrain in the country. Oregon’s dense forests and steep mountain foothills are a challenge to traverse, but at Northstar Surveying, Inc., of Corvallis, it’s just part of the job. Under the stellar leadership […]

Cool School

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Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies Editor’s note: The name, “Siberia” evokes visions of a vast, cold, and perhaps foreboding place. Vast, yes, but also beautiful, steeped with fascinating history and resources and home to a diverse population imbued with a pioneering spirit. To meet the demands for qualified surveyors for the region, a […]

Radiant Earth

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Connecting the global development community to Earth imagery and primary analytical tools. Nonprofits working on global development issues have had great difficulty acquiring and using a staple source of geospatial data in the form of Earth observation imagery collected by satellites. Anne Miglarese, the founder, and CEO of Radiant.Earth is working to change this. Miglarese […]