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Real Surveying?

How often do you ask yourself, “What is land surveying?” Is land surveying a narrow field of specific expertise or a wide expanse of overlapping skills joined together in a common cause? Is a surveying license the only way to demonstrate competency, or can one have skills that lie outside the commonly tested criteria? More...

xyHt News Links: 3/25/16

Hemisphere GNSS debuts smart antenna for survey New Online Mapping Platform, Azimap, Launched NCEES launches national surveying education award

The Future of Surveying Forum

A broad coalition forms to chart paths forward for the profession. On January 12 in San Diego, California, a taskforce of representatives from the major surveying-affiliated professional associations and end-use constituencies met for the first phase of an ambitious initiative focused on the future of surveying. This is a wonderful opportunity that could yield profound...

ASPRS Engages States

Above: State Licensure Map – Authoritative Imagery ASPRS Launches New Initiative to Engage States as They Consider Regulating Photogrammetry under Existing Surveying Laws At the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing’s (ASPRS) November 2014 fall conference in Denver, Colorado, ASPRS announced its “Licensure Plan for the State Licensing of Photogrammetrists” initiative. ASPRS recognizes an immediate...