Greg Dykstra from Pixar Animation Studios

Having worked in the geospatial sector for some time, I think the challenges we face are not about “Crossing the Chasm” (a book on the specifics of marketing high-tech products during an early start up period). In my opinion, it is a question of knowing where to bridge the gaps, to recognize and nurture points of synergy and integration.

I created The Remotely Interested Podcast in order to help improve lines of communication between technology-driven markets. The guests on my show encourage listeners to learn by example.

Think of the podcast as a gateway to many industries. It also connects people to resources mentioned by guests via links on my website.

Podcast No. 1 is an interview with Greg Dykstra from Pixar Animation Studios.

The Remotely Interested Podcast is released every Tuesday at, on iTunes and at Patreon.


Above picture: Greg Dykstra from Pixar Animation Studios is the first guest on the Podcast. His work portfolio includes Finding Nemo, Up, The Incredibles, Ghostbuster II, RoboCop 2 and The Nightmare Before Christmas.




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