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Automated City Extraction

Above: A portion of New York’s Central Park and surrounding neighborhoods, as automatically parsed into GIS data and reconstructed into 3D models by Geopipe. A new company called Geopipe builds 3D models using machine learning and AI, but with no photogrammetrists? A couple of weeks ago I found myself on...

Weekly xyHt News Links: 08/16/2019

Mobile Laser Scan Data Improves Police Engagement Time in Active Shooter Simulation Trimble Introduces New Compact-Sized Tablet for Geospatial Field Applications Learn how to Increase Productivity with Drone Based Lidar

New GNSS Kids on the Block

Test driving a new Tersus rover: There is more to the story than a $3,000 price tag. The advent of a $3,000 high-precision GNSS rover holds a certain appeal, even more so when a test drive reveals that it holds its own with top-end rovers in many ways. But there...