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Plastic Islands No More

4Ocean uses geospatial technology to clean oceans, helping to reduce and reimagine plastic waste. The mess is big enough that it can be seen from outer space. These days, satellite imagery reveals massive islands of plastic in oceans, and the waste is so vast that various groups and inventors are...

GEO Business 2019

BIM, AR, Digital Twins, and the Future On May 21 and 22, I attended the GEO Business conference in hot sunny London to bring you the latest developments in survey, BIM, and GIS. The conference had a lot in it, from the latest in drone technology, amazing augmented reality, and...

Weekly xyHt News Links: 10/10/2019

Terra Drone launches AI-based UAV solution for power lines Trimble to acquire GIS company Cityworks for EAM expansion Carlson Software Leads Competition in All Metrics EarthCam Introduces AI-Powered Visual Data for Procore Daily Log Automation Golden Software Packages Now Available on GeoCloud SaaS Platform