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Hydraulics in the Cloud

The City of Durham prepares for growth by collecting and leveraging data through a web-based GIS—to create a hydraulic model for its wastewater collection system. Durham, North Carolina is experiencing a growth rate it has never before known, with more people moving in, per capita, than all but three other...

Hard Hat anniversary

A century later, the company that invented the hard hat is still saving lives through innovation, from the top down. It’s been a century since the hard hat’s invention, and the cumulative effect of the lifesaving creation is incalculable. The hard hat was born from an American soldier’s experience in...

Weekly xyHt News Links: 12/6/2019

SimActive Introduces New LiDAR Workflow Bluesky Launches MetroVista 3D City Mapping Service in US SAM Announces Acquisition of JMC Professional Surveying and Mapping, LLC Wingtra and PCI Geomatics Enter into Drone Maps Partnership