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Weekly xyHt News Links: 03/15/2019

Golden Software Releases Grapher 14 with Enhanced Plotting Functions Introducing the senseFly eBee X with MicaSense RedEdge-MX, a seamless dual solution for accurate and efficient crop analysis PIX4D announces first user conference in Denver, Colorada SimActive Releases Version 8.1 with Advanced Editing Tools  

Surveying & Safety

Above image: A surveying job made comfortable: Measuring a steep terrain from a safe ground location in the treacherous mountains of beautiful northern British Columbia, Canada. The importance of protecting our lifestyle. In this article, for the sake of brevity the concepts of occupational health and safety are referred to...

Nullifying the Noise

Image above: The Trifide crew of Ginette Allen and Hélène Gagné (with Herman Lavallée who rented them the truck) had to build a wooden rack and install it on the rented truck bed to provide a stable platform for the mobile mapping system. A female surveyor stays ahead of the...