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Weekly xyHt News Links: 08/16/2019

Mobile Laser Scan Data Improves Police Engagement Time in Active Shooter Simulation Trimble Introduces New Compact-Sized Tablet for Geospatial Field Applications Learn how to Increase Productivity with Drone Based Lidar

New GNSS Kids on the Block

Test driving a new Tersus rover: There is more to the story than a $3,000 price tag. The advent of a $3,000 high-precision GNSS rover holds a certain appeal, even more so when a test drive reveals that it holds its own with top-end rovers in many ways. But there...


GIS in the Workplace – How do you ensure it is right?

If you go to the doctor’s, you can guarantee you’re seeing a professional because they’re registered. You look to get an extension done on your house, and the architect is registered (in the UK)with the Royal Institute of British Architects, or the surveyor is registered with the Royal Institute of...