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Open Source Field Capture

Recently I’ve been doing a bit of GIS training with environmental companies, mostly to help them make the move to open source software. You see, a few companies out there have propriety software licenses that are due to end, but the companies can’t justify the renewal when all they do...

From Down Under to the Skies Over North America

As aerial firms evolve and expand to provide imaging as a service (IaaS), the next step is 3D data services.  A prominent Australian aerial services company, with success in the 3D data market, is eyeing an expansion into North America. Aerometrex Pty Ltd.—not affiliated with Aero-Metrics or Aerometrics—is a prominent...

Weekly xyHt news links: 2/21/20

Leica Geosystems brings the world’s first MultiStation to the next level Leica Geosystems announces new most accurate total station LAND INFO Announces 5G Wireless Mapping Team in Europe Series Navigation<< SPARTN – New Open Data High Precision GNSS Format