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Innovations in AEC

I’m sure it feels the same in every industry – sometimes there are just too many acronyms to keep track of: AEC, LiDAR, VR, BIM, 3D, 4D, 7D – the list goes on and on for AEC professionals.

The Early Days of 3D Scanning: Part 10

In my previous article (March 2021) within my series on the Early Days of 3D Scanning, I described start-up Cyra Technologies’ significant preparations to try to secure a major, strategic vendor partner in order to take the ­company’s pioneering 3D scanning technology to the next big step of global commercialization.

You Can Take the Surveyor Out of the Field, but….

I would speculate that very few individuals who have made a career out of land surveying started the path by saying “I really want to be a surveyor and sit at a drafting table or behind a computer all day.” Even if we started in the office, as I did on a drafting board, we...

Avoiding Professional Negligence

Being “served” a lawsuit alleging wrongdoing by a past client is probably a worst-nightmare scenario for practicing surveyors. The good news is that – statistically – the vast majority of professionals will never be sued.

In Alaska, There’s Tough and There’s Survey Tough

On a survey job, Seth Kiester might find himself staying in a remote five-star hunting lodge. On the next job, he and the crew might be pitching tents hundreds of miles from civilization, encircling their makeshift camp with electrified wire to keep bears out.

Why the NSRS and SPCS are being Modernized

Modernization of the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) is driving the adoption of the State Plane Coordinate System of 2022 (SPCS2022). This is big news for surveyors because 48 states already have a codified SPCS.