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Geospatial Tech Reaches the Olympics

 Are you watching the most important global sporting event this month in Paris? Then expect not only the world’s best athletes competing for the podium, but also the best of GIS and Digital Twin technologies applied in a sporting event at a grand scale. British company OnePlan is the official digital twin and mapping partner...

The Best Maps Are Not Behind Us

Professional cartographer Evan Applegate shares his mapmaking process, including what’s inside his toolbox. He also tells us why in-person feedback is important to become a better mapmaker.

Water from the cloud

Water utility companies are tapping into geospatial cloud computing to map their infrastructure, streamline workflows, and enhance customer services

The Northern Hemisphere of the Celestial Globe (1515) 

Maps as Art  This whimsical map full of imaginary beasts and creatures is the oldest star map (or star chart) printed in Europe. It is based on the woodcuts by the great German painter Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) who lived at a time when cartography was considered both as a work of art and a navigational...

GPS Finds Its Way into the Future 

As the pioneering satnav program celebrates half a century of success, it must overcome setbacks to its modernization plans in order to pull off a new era of global PNT leadership