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Every Drop Counts

With help from GIS, these five megacities are future-proofing their water infrastructures so that sufficient water supply will no longer be a pipe dream. Megacities are a thirsty lot. These large and overpopulated metropolises have greater than 10 million inhabitants who consume more water than what their reservoirs can supply. Water shortages are commonplace, and...

That Scan-Do Spirit

Preserving heritage sites and objects is a race against time and elements. But thanks to scanning technologies, experts are now more confident humanity’s cultural legacy can be saved. One of the most iconic and visited landmarks in the world is the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. So, it came as a shock on the evening of...

A BIM of Hope for the Environment

This innovative building information modeling tool aims to reduce the construction sector’s carbon footprint. But unlike other practices, it begins at the design phase. The construction sector is in a conundrum. Decades of non-stop sawing and hammering have been wonderful for the world’s economy yet dismal for the environment. In the latest figures from the...

Thinking Ahead

From mapping catchments to inspecting dams, there’s a solid future for UAS technology at public utility companies like the Salt River Project in Arizona

When Mapping Goes Viral

Digital mapping has boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic. From tracking cases to allocating vaccines, GIS technology is at the frontline of the war to beat the virus.

Drones in Confinement

From warehouses to underground facilities, demand for drone inspections in GPS-denied places is rising. The new flying destination for UAVs is the great indoors.