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Meet the Future of Mapping and Surveying at XPONENTIAL 2022

Innovation has never existed in a vacuum. Our world’s greatest technological advances are remembered not just for their scientific significance, but for the way they transformed the fabric of society itself. That’s why it’s critical that global leaders in uncrewed and autonomous technology collaborate on cutting-edge innovations that safely, securely, and reliably improve the human...

Drones in Construction

For decades the construction industry didn’t change much-and then UAV technologies came along Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones, as they are commonly called, are mostly electric-powered aircraft, which do not require a pilot onboard and are used to perform tasks that are either too dangerous for humans to do or too expensive with other...

Tunnelling to a New Approach

A surveyor switches from conventional technology to the Trimble SX12, enabling her to match the frenetic pace at six times the speed of multiple-person crews.