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Women in Surveying: An Accidental Surveyor Schools the Field

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An unconventional geospatial technician oversees pre-construction and construction work for rehabbing a flood-control dam in VA. Pictured above: Evans inspects a recent concrete pour on the dam’s riser tower. “I’ve been on dozens of job sites and a lot of construction projects, and I have rarely worked with another female on site,” says Evans, a civil […]

The Land Office: Potawatomi and Surveyor History

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This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series August 2017

The Art of Retracement Pictured above: The rover stands on the original monument, which predates two newer monuments, next to each other 12 feet away, by 100 years. Credit: Warren Ward. Igor Kidinski, or Eager (the Kid) as he was known, started to shout “Got it!” when he saw a point on the ground. But then […]