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Feature: Surveying Google

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Three days submerged in the Googleplex through a surveyor’s eyes.One of my side gigs is as an adjunct lecturer on GIS with the University of Arizona. Through that association, I was recently given the opportunity to attend the first Google Geo for Higher Ed workshop at Google’s corporate headquarters in Mountain View, California. Referred to as the “Googleplex,” […]

Feature: UAS & Accuracy

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Field tests of UAS photogrammetry reveal verifiably superior results over traditional survey technologies.  Editor’s note: Throughout the past year as PSM has been covering UAS, we’ve been looking for end-user evaluations of the accuracies that can be expected from these promising tools. A forward-thinking surveying firm in Cork, Ireland has done just that: in the […]

Conference Recap: Surveyors Take Notes at UAS

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Soldiers in uniform, fully robed Middle Eastern sheiks, Hollywood producers, and even Morley Safer, reporting for CBS’s 60 Minutes, were among the 8,000 people who shopped for or just came to learn about unmanned vehicles (drones to common society) for use in the air, underwater, or on land at the biggest expo of its kind […]

Editor’s Desk: Why? Because It’s Our Future

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At the Florida Surveying and Mapping Society annual meeting in St. Pete’s Beach last month, I enjoyed hobnobbing with surveyors whom I’ve gotten to know over the past few years.  But perhaps even more so, I relished chatting with members of our next generation of surveyors, the 20- and 30-something-year-olds. As I listened intently to their […]

Dual Frequency: Q&A with Lamar Evers, President, NSPS

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Lamar Evers, PLS, was elected president of the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) in March 2013.  He began his surveying career in 1966 and went on to own and operate his own professional surveying company before becoming a county, and now statewide, surveyor currently working for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.  He is licensed in Florida […]

Technical Details: Sign (Click) Here: Using Digital Signatures on Professional Documents

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Editor’s note: Digital signatures and seals are loved by some and hated by others, and they’re rapidly gaining acceptance. Nearly every state in the country have okayed their use for professional engineering and surveying documents—but not necessarily at the local jurisdiction or agency level. Jim Crume, a pioneer in the use of digital signatures for […]