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xyHt OUTLOOK supplement 2017 banner, 40 Under 40

40 Under 40, 2017: Even Rouault

OPEN-SOURCE DEVELOPER, GEO-BLOGGER, AND OWNER OF SPATIALYS FRANCE IF IT HASN’T ALREADY HAD AN IMPACT ON YOUR INDUSTRY OR PROFESSION, the open-source software movement likely will soon. For more than a decade in the geospatial realm, open-source software has proven to be a viable path; small firms, large corporations, cities, states, agencies, and even entire...

Maptime Summit Group

First Ever Maptime Summit

By Katie Kowalsky   @katiekowalsky  www.katiekowalsky.me It’s been over two years since the State of the Map US 2013, where Maptime was born. As of the first official Maptime in San Francisco at the time of the  Maptime Summit (Monday June 8th), we now have 60 chapters spread over five continents. That growth, all from volunteers...