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GeoIgnite! Canada’s New National Geospatial Event

GeoIgnite is the exciting new Geospatial Conference for Canada. Editor’s Note: xyHt is excited to promote a new geospatial event,  an opportunity for geomatics and geospatial professionals and practitioners to expand their horizons, hear from thought-leaders, and participate in this inaugural event.  Canada has a new location technology event, and it will take place in...

Lisa-Jen Ferrato

Lisa-Jen Ferrato 

Surveyor, McElhanney Land Surveys Ltd. Canada GoGeomatics organizes monthly get-togethers for young surveyors in different cities across Canada; Lisa-Jen Ferrato has been a GoGeomatics group leader in Edmonton since 2016, instrumental in bringing the community together for monthly networking events.  According to one of her nominators, she’s also one of the most accomplished young geomatics...