GeoIgnite! Canada’s New National Geospatial Event

GeoIgnite is the exciting new Geospatial Conference for Canada.

Editor’s Note: xyHt is excited to promote a new geospatial event,  an opportunity for geomatics and geospatial professionals and practitioners to expand their horizons, hear from thought-leaders, and participate in this inaugural event. 

Canada has a new location technology event, and it will take place in the national capital June 18-19th 2019.   

Aptly named GeoIgnite for the dynamic and exciting nature of the speaker and exhibition lineup, this conference is a significant departure from other events on the geospatial and IT calendar in Canada. First off, it’s being put on by GoGeomatics Canada, an organisation that focuses on professional networking in the sector and is the largest hub for news, info and jobs. With 14 groups across Canada and a history of successful engagement within the sector, GoGeomatics is perfectly placed to put this event together. GoGeomatics founder Jonathan Murphy says:

“GeoIgnite 2019 will guide participants through the current and future landscapes of emerging location technologies. This conference is focused on providing attendees with updates on technology, data, services, and thought leadership. GeoIgnite will bring the latest innovations and the next generation of disruptive geospatial technologies under one roof for two days of connection and collaboration. This is the location technology conference that Canada has been waiting for.”

GeoIgnite is also unique for its specific attention to government to business (G2B) and business to business (B2B) networking opportunities. The conference trade show and panel discussions have been designed with a focus on the current age of technological disruption in government and the foundational nature location data and services play in society. GeoIgnite 2019 will be the seed that grows into the largest location technology event in Canada.

With the conference are taking place in the national capital of Canada, Ottawa, GeoIgnite is perfectly situated to bring together senior members of government, business executives, and though leaders in the IT and location technology sectors. GeoIgnite has enlisted speakers from Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), the geospatial leader in Canada on the location technology, along with other federal departments. Confirmed to present are several geospatial industry giants: Sanjay Kumar, Founder and CEO of Geospatial Media & Communications, who was conferred the ‘Global Geospatial Industry Ambassador’ Award by UN-GGIM; Keith Masback, former Chief Executive Officer of the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF); and Geoff Zeiss, the Principal at Between the Poles who received the Geospatial Ambassador Award at Geospatial World Forum 2014.

GeoIgnite hasn’t neglected the data and technology pioneers in the federal government who put Canada on the map and as a global leader in geospatial tools and data, either. They include Agriculture Canada, Department of National Defense, Environment Canada, Fisheries and Oceans, Natural Resources Canada, Statistics Canada, and Treasury Board Secretariat.

Early feedback on the conference has been positive and organizers have received considerable attention for putting disruptive technology like AI, autonomous vehicles, IoT, big data, geospatial cloud, BIM, SLAM, and AR/VR at the forefront of the event. Participants will connect with leadership in government and industry on these topics and explore the importance of these changes and what they mean for Canada. The first year is expected to attract 200 attendees and 25-50 exhibitors to a trade show that will showcase the most cutting-edge data and services. Technological demonstrations will also take place.

As GeoIgnite continues to reveal its schedule of speakers and exhibitors in the coming weeks, we can expect to see a growing number of global leaders in business, indigenous communities and non-government organizations sector who have powerful visions of how geospatial technologies and data will shape the future of Canada.

The call for speakers is continuing to accept presentation proposals for GeoIgnite.

Join in this inaugural event. 

To learn more about GeoIgnite 2019 please visit the event website.

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