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xyHt Weekly News Links: 6/9/17

Trimble RTX Corrections Gets Boost in Performance from the Galileo Constellation ANSI establishes UAS standardization collaborative Sokkia introduces simplicity in field-to-office software NIAS and NASA test the Next Phase of NASA’s UAS Traffic Management System

xyHt News Links: 11/18/16

Orbit GT and CycloMedia join forces with product integration East View Launches MapVault – Online Access to Authoritative Raster Maps Asteri Navigation Launches X-Series of Wearable GNSS Receivers at 2016 Autodesk University AT&T and NASA Collaborate on Drone Traffic Management System DJI offers large drone Matrice 600 Pro Harxon offers new waterproof helical GNSS antenna...

MABEL on Proteus

Locata Positioning at Langley Research Center

Locata Positioning will Underpin Future Unmanned Aerial System Research at NASA’s Famed Langley Research Center Locata Corporation announced that NASA plans to install a Locata network (LocataNet) as the core positioning technology for safety-critical unmanned aerial systems (UAS) research at its Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. NASA Langley is tasked with performing rigorous and...

Cardinal Systems’ Extraterrestrial Photogrammetry

On Earth, photogrammetrists can normally use man-made objects in their frame—such as a road of known width or a curb of known height—as scales. When none is present, they can insert such “ground truth” as needed—for example, by placing onto surveyed locations targets that will be visible in their images. On other planets in our...