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Parrot Bee-Bop Thermal

Low-cost Tech for Aerial Archeology, Part Two

To round up this short series on low-cost approaches to aerial archeology surveying, we’ll look at an even lower-cost sensor technology that can be used in certain types of archeological projects. In the first part of this series we talked about how new, affordable multispectral sensors are being used with (relatively) inexpensive UAS to find...

Commercial UAV Expo

Whole Lotta Droning Going On: Commercial UAV Expo: Part 2

Continuing with my look at last month’s Commercial UAV Expo, here’s more cool UAV-related gear. Thermal Imaging Drone Parrot is known mostly for being a provider of consumer-level drones (full disclosure, I have three of them). Now they are moving into the commercial market. One example is the Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal. This quadcopter includes two...