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This combined lidar data set of the southern island includes sidescan sonar, shoreline lidar, and terrestrial static lidar.

A Shore Thing

Integrity monitoring the islands of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel involves combining hydrographic survey, lidar, shoreline survey, and terrestrial lidar survey. Rigorous structural integrity monitoring to extend the lifespan of critical infrastructure is an economic necessity. Remote sensing and integrated remote sensing provide new ways to monitor all elements of a structure in fine detail....

Forty-five feet below its final resting place, the top of the steel roof of Deep Space will be covered by layers of concrete and earth.

Raising the Roof

A survey company changes its tactics to monitor an auditorium roof before, during, and after its lift into place, using teamwork and true professionalism. American Surveying & Engineering, P.C. (with corporate headquarters in Chicago, Illinois) was approached by JP Cullen (a contractor with headquarters in Janesville, Wisconsin) with a challenging project: a particularly tricky auditorium...