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The deputy director told xyHt that NGA wanted to have a bigger role.

NGA’s Involvement With Our World

Above: The deputy director says that NGA wants to have a bigger role. Editor’s Note: On July 23, xyHt editors Gavin Schrock and Dave Doyle were invited to address an audience of professionals at the headquarters of the federal government’s National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) in Springfield, Virginia. While this was a closed-door session held to...

Converting paper cadastral records to a digital format is the first step in modernizing cadastres.

Geospatial PPPs

Striking the right balance in building national cadasters with private/public partnerships. Land ownership is a foundation of national economies: those who have land titles can use them to obtain credit (which is often essential to start and expand businesses), and property taxes are a key source of government funding. Therefore, authoritative and efficient land registries...