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TII Venue

Seen at the YII2019

(YII2019 was held at the iconic Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Credit: Charles Teng.) Bentley’s annual infrastructure awards and technology showcase was held in October 2019 in Singapore, the city/nation that is widely considered to be the global center of infrastructure innovation. While always an impressive event, this year was less about new products and...

Lutz Bettels

Bentley’s Lutz Bettels on Infrastructure Asset Management 

xyHt’s Nick Duggan spoke with Lutz Bettels, vice president, regional executive at Bentley Systems, at Intergeo 2019, just before Bentley’s Year in Infrastructure Conference.  Nicholas Duggan (ND): What is Bentley, and what do you do there?  Lutz Bettels (LB): Bentley is involved in everything around infrastructure. If somebody were to ask me what Bentley is doing, my short answer would be: everything, except for mechanical design.   Infrastructure Asset...