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xyHt Links: 9/5/14

Leica Cyclone 9.0 – A Major Leap in Laser Scanning Project Efficiency New Miniature Inertial Sensors  Trimble Puts More Spatial Data in the Hands of Geospatial Professionals

xyHt Links: 8/29/14

NovAtel Introduces New Commercially Exportable IMU Trimble Introduces State-of-the-Art Integrated Seismic and Geodetic System for Earth Sciences Supergeo to Release Forest Inventory App for Android Users Topcon releases new UAS for aerial mapping FAQ: Confusing terms explained” on DIY Drones Topcon technology used to create planned National Mall ‘facescape’ New Structural Engineering and Site Survey...

xyHt Links: 8/22/14

Topcon releases next generation of 3D laser scanners Topcon announces partnership with MAVinci for worldwide UAS distribution Mobile Terrestrial Solution for Surveying and Indoor Mapping JAVAD GNSS Introduces TRIUMPH-F1 UAV Tetracam and Pix4D Forge Global Alliance ASPRS Establishes the First UAS Mapping Calibration Test Course

xyHt Links: 8/15/14

Pacific Crest XDL Rover 2 Juniper Systems Announces New Rugged Handheld Company – Cedar Tree Technologies New Tools in MicroSurvey STAR*NET 8.1 Upgrade Make Least Squares Adjustment Easier Undet ToolBox V2 release and functionality UAVs vs. small sats — Which has the more viable business model today? “Drones & Smartphones,” the Latest Development by UAS,...