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Thinking Ahead

From mapping catchments to inspecting dams, there’s a solid future for UAS technology at public utility companies like the Salt River Project in Arizona

When Mapping Goes Viral

Digital mapping has boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic. From tracking cases to allocating vaccines, GIS technology is at the frontline of the war to beat the virus.

Drones in Confinement

From warehouses to underground facilities, demand for drone inspections in GPS-denied places is rising. The new flying destination for UAVs is the great indoors.

All Hands on Deck

Mapping the entire U.S. seafloor is an epic task. The country’s new national hydrographer says it can be achieved by coordinating efforts and using the latest technology.

Safe ‘n Sound: Distancing in Construction

IoT technology is helping workers maintain social distancing on the job site during the pandemic and making contact tracing easier. And it all starts with a beep. Months into the pandemic, construction workers in the U.S. already know the drill by heart: don a hard hat, wear a mask, wash your hands and keep distancing from...

Yes, We Scan! KickTheMap is a Swiss Kick in the App for 3D

With a clever mobile app and a can-do attitude, Swiss surveyors have created a 3D model of a river valley in the Alps to improve risk prediction of landslides. The 7 p.m. storm forecast was not only accurate, it was ominous. Torrential rains pounded the ski town of Val Ferret on the final day of...