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Creative Uses of 3D Modeling

The 3D data collected with laser scanners and digital cameras can be used to create digital and physical 3D models that have myriad applications—from marketing a new building to routing first responders in an emergency.

Point cloud processing in EdgeWise database with extracted elements from the point cloud database overlaid to the point cloud. Lower left: Point cloud processing into EdgeWise database with extracted elements from the point cloud database only.

The Scan-to-BIM Process: Capture and Extraction

AECOM professionals adopt an integrated approach to best leverage the most current digital technology tools. With many aspects of the nation’s infrastructure reaching the end of its as-designed life, and with the purchasing power of construction dollars continuing to be stretched, developing systematic processes for determining the most cost-effective infrastructure investment strategy is critical. “Scan-to-BIM”...

Update: GeoBIM and 3D GeoInfo Conference

EuroSDR is a not-for-profit organization linking national mapping and cadastral agencies with research institutes and universities in Europe for the purpose of applied research in spatial data provision, management and delivery. Over the last few years they have ran several projects, one of particular interest being in the use of BIM (building information modeling) and geo-data in...

xyHt Weekly News Links: 10/09/2020

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