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Looking Back

Using a single-beam laser to create a mapping profile in the Amazon jungle was a hint at aerial technologies to come


Making Heightmaps

There is no hiding it: I’ve been building a lot of 3D data recently, partly to sell, partly to fuel my adventures into augmented reality (if you’re interested in me adding this to the blog, please say!). The main vital thing has been the heightmap. Providing Certainty in 3D Heights  What is a heightmap, you...

Aerial Perspective: How NOT to Procure Professional Geospatial Services

By Mike Tully Editor’s Note: This advice is directed at companies writing RFPs for your services; its language is humorous, but the tips are serious and worth sharing with your prospective clients in your own manner. I love Amazon.com. Knocking off my shopping list by finding the cheapest price for all is glorious. Reading real...