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xyHt Weekly News Recap: 04/30/2021

Ingenuity Breaks New Ground for UAVs – on Mars GeoMax Introduces New X-PAD 365 Service Platform Woolpert to Provide Topographic Map for Nigeria Pix4D Launches Survey-Grade 3D Modeling on Mobile Devices Next GPS Block III Satellite Set to Launch in June ScaleOut Software Expands Digital Twin Streaming Service Leica Introduces GS18 Rover with Visual Positioning...

Surveying Instruments on Mars

Above image credit: National Geographic Keen-eyed viewers of the groundbreaking National Geographic Channel series “Mars,” now in its second season, might have noticed familiar-looking equipment among the near-future science fiction gadgets—surveying instruments. We highly recommend this series for the techie and non-techie alike. It’s a mix of the story of a fictionalized first Mars colony,...

xyHt Weekly News Links: 9/1/17

HP Unveils HP Mars Home Planet and New Wearable HP Z VR Backpack  Icaros and Agrowing Announce Integrated Drone Multispectral Mapping Solution for Agriculture  Crowdsourced Mapping Projects Aid Post-Harvey Disaster Management  Start-up Wingtra Expands UAV Solutions to China and US Boundless Donates $100,000 to LaunchCode in Support of CoderGirl Education Program

Color coding in this image of Mars represents differences in elevation, measured by NASA's Mars Global Surveyor. While surface liquid water is rare and ephermal on modern Mars.

Straight on to Mars (and Beyond)

In the last issue we raised the question of whether mankind should go back to the Moon as a way to fuel future space exploration. While that article states the many salient reasons to take this path, many people feel we should aim higher and go straight on to Mars. (For insights on what geospatial...

Should we settle on the Moon before Mars?

Back to the Moon? Or—Straight on to Mars?

Editor’s note: at xyHt and Pangaea we’ve been adding “geo-space-al” content into our geospatial mix, and readers have been responding positively. Surveying on Mars is a great example. When you think about it, geospatial technology and space are inextricably intertwined; from GNSS to satellite-based remote sensing, we rely on space-based technology to tackle almost every...

xyHt Weekly News Links: 4/21/17

RoboBusiness and TUS Expo Merger Launch of Global Robotics Events and Media Powerhouse Merrick Releases MARS(R) 2017 Software Suite Topcon introduces new GNSS receiver boardswith expanded constellation tracking