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Robotics in the Classroom: Technology’s Future is FIRST

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Above: Competition heats up. At the New England regional championships in Hartford are (from left) Jill Shilp, driver; Christine Miska, founder and Andromeda One coach; and Will Doyle, driver. Industry leaders help create the next generation of geospatial professionals by sponsoring amazing educational competitions. Efforts to channel today’s youth toward a career in something other than […]

Leveraging the Land Surveyor’s Roles, Part 1

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Planner and Project Manager I Editor’s note: This past May, Ambrose Gmeiner completed his Professional Science Masters Degree from the University of Maine and was inducted into the Francis Crowe Society at the university’s College of Engineering. His final paper, “The Land Surveyor as a Project Lead and Providing Professional Testimony,” is the source for this […]

Surveying in the Land of Penguins

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This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series September 2016

The term one-man crew takes on new meaning in Antarctica. In 1841, a U.S. expedition mapped a portion of Antarctica, proving that it was a continent. Generations later, surveyors such as Corey Biddle continue to map and survey the area with the latest equipment. But sometimes the rough conditions in this frozen land–where GPS antenna […]