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Bilby Tower Dedication Honoring Jasper Sherman Bilby

June 14, 2014 was a perfect sunny Saturday in Osgood, Indiana, where many people gathered to dedicate the last known complete survey tower and honor Jasper Bilby, the USC&GS reconnaissance man who had designed it. They included surveyors from more than a dozen states, current and retired employees of the United States Coast and Geodetic...

Kennemerland: Repositioning a Dutch East Indiaman

The Kennemerland is now designated as a Historic Marine Protected Area on account of the national importance of the wreck. Recently I was part of a team of archaeological divers sent to Out Skerries by Cotswold Archaeology on behalf of Historic Scotland. We were tasked with checking, updating, and geo-referencing the existing plans of the...

NC PLS Grandfathering Provision for GIS Professionals

In order to adapt to a whole new contingent (GIS), NCBELS formalized GIS Inclusion/Exclusion Guidelines for what GIS work fits under the definition of surveying in 2008 and created the Mapping Sciences Exam in 2009 as an alternative exam that focuses on areas of the surveying profession that GIS professionals would work with.