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xyHt News Links: 6/24/16

Control Point Acquires Stantec Tri-State Survey & Photogrammetry Group GENEQ Announces New RTK App for iOS named iSXBlue RTN FAA: Commercial drone use to take flight Summit Outlines Steps for a National Parcel System Hemisphere GNSS Announces New Eclipse Positioning OEM Boards Airbus Defense and Space and 3v Geomatics Partner...

ffos_4_graphic feature

Measured Responses

This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series xyHt in print, June 2016The NSPS questionnaire yields constructive feedback. This column provides monthly coverage of a national initiative: Forum on the Future of Surveying (FFOS). See the first installment in our March issue. The National Society of Professional Surveyors...

FAA Rule 107

Part 107 Goes Live: UAS Unchained (Mostly)

The FAA said that it would have its Small Unmanned Aircraft Regulations ready by this summer, and by the second day of summer, it did. Rule 107 takes effect in late August and applies to unmanned aircraft (UAS) weighing less than 55 pounds that are conducting commercial operations. Let’s take...