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xyHt Weekly News Recap: 7/21/17

Geneq’s NEW SXblue Platinum Survey Grade GNSS Receiver LizardTech and Extensis Optimize Digital Asset Management for Geospatial Data SmartNet North America expands full GNSS capability World’s Densest Urban Aerial Lidar Dataset Released Dewberry Hosts Fourth Survey Merit Badge Day

Equations 1-5, Charles Ghiliani, Error Ellipses, xyHt July 2017

Error Ellipses

This entry is part of 8 in the series July 2017Part 2: Components and Increasing Probability In the previous article (April 2017) I discuss the correlation of the coordinate values for a station and how an error ellipse is used to determine the direction of the largest error at a...

Photo female hands holding modern tablet and man touching screen.Businessmans crew working new investment project office.Using electronic devices. Graphics icons, stock exchanges interface.

The Elusive Scope: Business Advice for Surveyors

This entry is part 1 of 8 in the series July 2017How to prepare for and meet your client’s needs by keeping your eye on the project scope. I wrote many business-advice columns in this magazine’s predecessor, Professional Surveyor Magazine. Now that I’ve adjusted to writing for the entire geomatics...