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US Surveyor

Help Wanted: PLS or Boundary Surveyor

U.S. Surveyor, seeking PLS or Boundary Surveyor. Proficiency in RTK, Acad, Carlson, must like to travel. Experience in ALTA Surveys required. Relocation not necessary. Contact M. Feldbusch:

Chris McFadzean and colleague Lisa Irving with the Trimble UX5 UAS.

1,500+ Flights

This entry is part 1 of 9 in the series xyHt in print, November 2015Can an owner/operator sustain a thriving business using only UAS? It’s happening in New Zealand with orthophotography of farmland. After little more than four years in the orthophotographic business, Chris McFadzean, owner/operator of Epiphany Mapping in...


xyHt News Links: 11/25/15

SpheronVR announce the Spheron-Lite camera solution ENVI adds powerful 3D functionality Lead’Air announces a Flight Management Solution on a Budget First Look at FAA’s UAS Registration Proposal Phase One Industrial Releases Software Development Kit 8.3.3 for Developers of Aerial Systems in Linux, Windows and Mac Versions Handheld launches its first...