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xyHt News Links: 6/26/15

Berntsen Founder, Phil Peterson remembrance Spectra Precision’s New GNSS Receiver Brings Enhanced Flexibility to Professional Surveyors As June 30 Nears, Leap Second Looms Pinnacle Series Support for Autodesk 2016 Products Now Available eLoran Progresses Toward GPS Back-Up Role in U.S., Europe SpaceX Falcon 9 Certified for GPS Launches Dewberry Team Wins...

Maptime Summit Group

First Ever Maptime Summit

By Katie Kowalsky   @katiekowalsky It’s been over two years since the State of the Map US 2013, where Maptime was born. As of the first official Maptime in San Francisco at the time of the  Maptime Summit (Monday June 8th), we now have 60 chapters spread over five continents....


Summertime, and the Surveying Ain’t Easy

This entry is part of 5 in the series xyHt in print, June 2015Now that winter and even spring have finished thrashing half the country, we can officially enjoy summer. As a laser scanner operator I have a fairly easy job this season due to the limitations of the instrument—at...