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Surveying Statistics

This entry is part of 8 in the series xyHt in print August 2015The t Distribution, Part 2 In the previous article (July 2015), I introduce the concept of sampling distributions and the need to use these distributions to analyze small samples of data. In surveying, observing small samples is typical where...

Trimble Takes Flight with New Multirotor Unmanned Aircraft System

Latest Addition to UAS Portfolio Makes Working in Tight Spaces Easy Trimble  announced the ZX5 Multirotor Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), a new aerial imaging and workflow solution that captures and processes geo-referenced photo and video data for mapping, agriculture and inspection applications. The Trimble® ZX5 complements the UAS portfolio with...

Imetrum’s portable, long-range, camera-based monitoring system was used in the benchmarking trial.

Optical Monitoring

This entry is part 1 of 8 in the series xyHt in print August 2015Above: Imetrum’s portable, long-range, camera-based monitoring system was used in the benchmarking trial. How reliable are optical monitoring techniques for civil engineering structures? Editor’s Note: Camera-based systems have long been used in industrial metrology for manufacturing, materials testing, and integrity...