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NDU London Test

Esri CityEngine: What Is It?

These past few weeks I’ve been trying to do some clever augmented reality stuff with Unity involving putting an object on the floor and ensuring it doesn’t wobble when you walk around it. (Yay for SLAM in mobile devices.) Although in software like Unreal and Unity you can download or...

Radiant Earth

Connecting the global development community to Earth imagery and primary analytical tools. Nonprofits working on global development issues have had great difficulty acquiring and using a staple source of geospatial data in the form of Earth observation imagery collected by satellites. Anne Miglarese, the founder, and CEO of Radiant.Earth is...


Teaching Land Stewardship

The focus of the professional surveying societies today seems to be on the decline of the number of surveyors out there.  Some are even beginning to raise this level of concern to that of soft panic. From the outside, the surveying community is headed for a perfect storm of obsolescence. ...