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Free GIS Training

This entry is part of 26 in the series PangaeaThe ABCs of GIS via MOOC Massive open online courses (MOOCs) provide an affordable (generally free) and flexible way to learn new skills to advance or enhance your career or for your own personal development. The team over at Esri has...


xyHt Weekly News Links: 6/23/17

EngineerSupply Announces New Supply Line of Nedo Surveying Spectra Precision’s New GNSS Receiver Provides Surveyors with a Powerful Multi-application GNSS Solution Digital image evaluation heading for new markets Seiler Instrument Chooses TerraGo Magic to Build its Mobile GNSS App Platform Leica Geosystems offers complete imaging solution OrbitGT Announces Mobile Mapping...

Newlyn Harbour Lighthouse

Dealing with Vertical Datum, the Mariners’ Way

Before 3D GIS, we were able to measure miles below the sea and miles beyond our own atmosphere to a great level of accuracy, so how did we do it? There are a few methods for working between vertical coordinate systems, but the one I want to discuss is possibly...