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Southampton Cesium

Add 3D Tiles to Cesium 1.36 to Make 3D Virtual Scenes

As blogs come, this has to be (for me) one of the longest. You see, I’ve been playing with Cesiumjs since its beginning and following the exciting beginnings of the “3D Tile” for the last 3 years. I’ve waited patiently, waiting for the moment I could share with the world...

xyHt Weekly News Links: 8/18/17

PufferSphere Makes the World Go Round with Spherical Displays  Joint venture to bring high-precision positioning to mass market Nearmap delivers new 3-D content and oblique imagery Hexagon Imagery Program announces updates to 2017 airborne imagery collection plans INTERGEO: where the future is within your grasp!  

Certifications or Licensing? Part 2

Part 2 of 6: Legal issues affecting state licensing Editor’s Note: What will regulation, certification, and licensing of the surveying profession look like in the near and distant future? Surveying is and always has been molded by external influences: markets, technologies, economic conditions, demographics, and competition from outside of the...