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Equations 1, 2, 3 & 4: combined factor grid distance, elevation factor

GNSS & Educational Equations: A Grid-to-Ground Project

When planning GNSS control surveys on highway projects, it is important to understand the limitations of GNSS. Most highway projects are long, and linear distances that are wide open horizontally and vertically and are ideal for GNSS surveying. However, in rural and city areas, tree canopies and high-rise buildings will obstruct the GNSS signals, so...

East Side Surprise Fense

Boundary Lines: When a Fence Appears in the Middle of your Street

In early July 2014, the residents at the end of Eastside Drive, a tranquil community of lakeside homeowners in Cobb County, Georgia, were perplexed to see workers installing a fence, ostensibly down the middle of their paved road. When the fence was completed, and where homeowners once enjoyed the ability to back up their vehicles...