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Melanie Abuel

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GIS Manager, Manila Water Company, Inc. Philippines As the (very young) head of GIS development at Manila Water, Melanie Abuel leads a team that serves 6M people while managing the assets of 6000 km of pipes and 250 facilities. In addition to database and GIS mobile application development, her team works on UAV and lidar […]

Nicole Kinsman

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Regional Advisor, National Geodetic Survey, NOAA/NOS Alaska, USA Alaska is a land of extremes, a land of both challenges and opportunities for the bold and adventurous. A combination of rapid plate tectonics, active volcanoes, glacial rebound, and remoteness makes mapping, surveying, and geodesy often extremely challenging. Nicole “Nic” Kinsman is the regional advisor for the […]

Kellen McNally

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Owner, Productions on Point, New Jersey, USA Surveyors have a knack for noticing things out of place, out of plumb, and laid out poorly. Kellen McNally got the idea for Productions on Point while watching inefficient layout practices for entertainment festivals. Staging, tenting, lighting, sound, and power fixtures for festivals need to be precisely placed, especially […]

Kazuaki Fujii

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President, Cadastral Surveyor Fujii Kazuaki Office, Japan President of his own firm, offering land and house investigations in Hyogo Prefecture of Japan, Kazuaki Fujii is also active in professional surveying organizations, both domestic and international. Kazuaki is the chair of the Young Surveyors Network for Japan, where he promotes resources for new entrants, such as […]

Hui Li

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Principal Research Engineer, Autodesk California, USA If you haven’t seen the impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics in your geospatial work, you soon will—talented and dedicated scientists like Hui Li are busy making that a reality. An R&D team lead in the office of the chief technology officer at Autodesk, Hui is a PhD […]

Edgar Barreira

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GIS Strategist and Natural Resources Account Manager, Esri Portugal As the Portuguese representative of Young Surveyors Network, account manager at Esri Portugal, business consultant, and owner of a small company, Edgar Barreira is a true young entrepreneur. At Esri, Edgar develops GIS strategies for customers’ needs; manages, identifies, and generates sales opportunities and assists in […]