Hui Li

Hui Li

Hui LiPrincipal Research Engineer, Autodesk California, USA

If you haven’t seen the impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics in your geospatial work, you soon will—talented and dedicated scientists like Hui Li are busy making that a reality. An R&D team lead in the office of the chief technology officer at Autodesk, Hui is a PhD researcher and engineer who specializes in machine learning and robotics, computer vision, autonomous vehicles, SLAM, and AI.

Earning her master’s in aerospace engineering and doctorate in AI from MIT, Hui got to work on a succession of exciting future-tech projects as an advanced technologist at Boeing, such as swarm UAV, sensing systems, autonomous localization, and navigation for robots. Later she was an R&D lead for Airware, specializing in monocular vision-based navigation, deep-learning-aided precision landing, and on-board sensing and localization for small UAVs. Now in R&D at Autodesk, she’s probably working on amazing things that are hush-hush, but we can be sure great developments are ahead.

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