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AI In Construction

AI is imperative to the future of the construction industry. It offers an intuitive way to automate tasks that free humans to focus on making the most critical decisions rather than the minutiae that wastes our time.

Looking Forward: AI and Construction 

Artificial intelligence is a thing. It’s creeped into many facets of our lives and businesses, and this month in our annual issue focusing on construction, we look at how it is changing that industry.  

xyHt Weekly News Recap: 01/05/2024

Geo Week to Feature Keynotes on Geospatial Technology Used for Good  New Research Harnesses AI and Satellite Imagery to Show Expanding Footprint of Human Activity at Sea  IBM Advances Geospatial AI to Address Climate Challenges  Collaboration Advances Drone Thermal Mapping  Look Ahead: AI, Location Intelligence and Efficiency 

What GIS (knowledge) can do for AI?

Part 3 By Juan B. Plaza and Giulio Maffini Now that we have explored what AI can do for GIS in the first two parts of this series, let’s embark in the more complex task of exploring what a GIS-empowered AI will look like. First, let us clarify that it is our belief that it...