Kellen McNally

Kellen McNally

Owner, Productions on Point, New Jersey, USA

Surveyors have a knack for noticing things out of place, out of plumb, and laid out poorly. Kellen McNally got the idea for Productions on Point while watching inefficient layout practices for entertainment festivals. Staging, tenting, lighting, sound, and power fixtures for festivals need to be precisely placed, especially considering safety requirements.

Kellen McNally

Kellen formed his surveying firm, not only to provide a standard range of surveying solutions and services, but also to serve the entertainment industry.

Kellen studied theatrical production at Nazareth College (NY), political science and history at University College Cork (Ireland), technical design and production (Yale) and has worked in both the arts and surveying. Nominators praise Kellen as a unique individual who brings geospatial accuracy to the entertainment industry. From New York to London, California, Miami, Arkansas and points beyond, he has promoted, by example, practical and essential services that surveyors can and should offer outside of traditional markets.

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