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xyHt Doer: Brennan O’Neill

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Brennan O’Neill Hawaiian Pacific Branch Manager for Frontier Precision Frontier Precision has been in business since 1988, selling and supporting Trimble, Nikon, Zeb-Revo, and Spectra Precision hardware and software. One thing I get a kick out of at work is, after listening to the customer, showing them the exact thing they need to do their […]

Geomatics at UAA

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Above: Matt Santiago, current UAA geomatics student, is perfecting his surveying technique in the “classroom,” i.e. the South Fork of Chester Creek on UAA’s campus. The University of Alaska, Anchorage’s Geomatics Department continues to grow and place all its students in jobs at graduation.  Matt Santiago arrived in Alaska wearing Air Force blue. When he […]

New Gold Standard for GPS

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GPS users help map habitat along the Bear River for the Bear River Land Conservancy in Utah on June 7, 2017. Credit: Kirk Earl. As accurate GNSS data becomes democratized, there’s still a place to stand out in the industry. The long-established GPS industry has been facing a massive technological disruption for the past five […]

GPR on a Drone

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Above: From left – Jim Salazar, Mario Carnevale, Ken McBride, Myles Danforth, Alexey Dobrovolskiy (the author), and Janis Kuze. An international research team used new UAV and GPR technology to locate a lost U.S. airplane 300 feet below the ice in Greenland.  On July 4, 2018, at Greenland’s Ice Cap, Jim Salazar and Ken McBride […]