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Databased Mapping

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PSM APRIL 2013 PSM’s April issue begins the series Databased Mapping, about building the ultimate surveying database that not only stores surveying project data but also structures it to be able to produce accurate reports, analyses, and visualizations that do not depend on the way the data itself is stored.The Web of Things The theme of our […]

Editor’s Desk: The Shape of Things to Come

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Welcome to Outlook, an entirely new annual magazine. If you were expecting to see our former yearly supplement, Red Pages, prepare to have your expectations pleasantly surpassed. Red Pages has been an annual resource with two parts: a directory of companies and organizations contributing to surveying and related professions, and a series of articles with […]

Update: Surveyors Relentlessly Innovating

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PSM April 2013 We first write about Severn Partnership in PSM’s November 2012 issue when we explore their application of SnakeGrid, a dynamic, low-distortion projection for long corridor projects. In PSM’s April cover story, we examine how they applied their scanning gear and expertise to scanning ships.  UPDATE: One thing we have now learned about Severn Partnership, the multi-disciplined surveying […]

Precise Point Positioning

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PSM SEPTEMBER 2013 In our September issue PSM reports from the PPP symposium held in Toronto, Canada by the International GNSS Service.Global and Real-TimePSM began our in-depth coverage of Precise Point Positioning in 2012, continuing through 2013. PPP’s technology has been around in various formats for nearly two decades in academic circles, and recently it has entered […]


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BIM (building information modeling) continues to be a hot technology that surveyors can leverage into new markets.  PSM September 2013In our September issue, Cathi Hayes examines “Do You Know BIM?” to help us understand the basics of the process as well as the opportunities it affords.  OUTLOOK The Future of BIMFor a look into the […]


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PSM December 2012 PSM begins our close examination of geodesy with the December 2012 cover story by V. Kelly Bellis, PLS, and we’re continuing it throughout 2014.Shift HappensYou might wonder why PSM has been devoting so much content to gravity, datums, projections, and other geodetic matters and why we’ve brought Dave Doyle (NGS chief geodetic surveyor, retired) […]