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We first write about Severn Partnership in PSM’s November 2012 issue when we explore their application of SnakeGrid, a dynamic, low-distortion projection for long corridor projects. 
In PSM’s April cover story, we examine how they applied their scanning gear and expertise to scanning ships. 


One thing we have now learned about Severn Partnership, the multi-disciplined surveying firm based in the United Kingdom, is that they are continually innovating and expanding their services—something the surveying profession should note. For example, they now provide ship scanning services worldwide.  

There’s no rest for the Severn crew, as project manager Rollo Rigby reported to us recently. They’ve put several new services in place since April spinoffs of their scanning services. Severn has expanded scan-to-BIM services: their architectural BIM, rail, accident scene, and insurance investigation modeling services. 

PSM_Outlook14_39But how to help clients better visualize and analyze the 3D data? Severn partnered with the developers of Seeable (seeable.co.uk), an intuitive app that enables a non-technical overview that is as easily grasped as a gaming interface—but with the full power of 3D scans, images, and attribute data. 

The concept of a walk-through, whether you are on site or on the other side of the world—rich in detail and context—is not unique, but Seeable and Severn have been able to polish and refine it using their direct, hands-on experience and skill in 3D surveying. There are apps for rail, BIM, architecture, ships, and more. It is that link, designing tools and apps directly applicable to their services, that Severn views as an advantage in the 3D boom. 

What will they implement or invent next? We’ll check in with Rollo in future articles.

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