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Bruno Bougard

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R&D Director at Septentrio GNSS technologies reach deep into nearly every aspect of our lives, from consumer to commercial to scientific—and no segments of GNSS markets are more technically demanding than high-precision OEM customers and scientific communities. Bruno Bougard is a very capable young fellow who, along with his amazing team at Septentrio (one of […]

Rohan Bennett

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Assistant Professor of Land Administration at the University of Twente Of prime importance for the developing world is land administration; initiatives for developing cadastres, avoiding “land grabs,” and developing green cadastres have been successful due in part to advances in geomatics science, but also due to the young dedicated professionals—with focused education—involved in these international […]

Linda Foster

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Project Manager at Ferber Engineering In the environment of a forward-thinking, multi-disciplined surveying and engineering firm, the right person at the right time can foster a transformation. In 2005, Linda Foster was hired by Ferber Engineering Company, a civil engineering consulting firm in South Dakota, to explore using GIS. Ten years later, she has revolutionized […]

Javier de la Torre

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CEO and Cofounder of CartDB One of the challenges faced in the early days of big-geo-data was the complex, costly, and mostly proprietary systems required to handle and visualize such masses of data. Javier de la Torre founded CartoDB in 2012 with a vision to democratize data analysis and visualization. CartoDB is a cloud-based service […]

Matej Nagy

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Assistant Project Manager for Geotechnical and Earth Works at Pomgrad Construction The field of structural health and integrity monitoring spans surveying, geodesy, geology, geotechnical engineering, construction, and research (as each site can be unique and require custom scientific approaches). In the course of providing content on monitoring for our readers, we’ve encountered firms and individuals […]

Serene Ho

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Research Fellow at the Centre for Spatial Data Infrastructures and Land Administration, University of Melbourne We inhabit 3D space, so it’s logical that the implications of this reality are being studied regarding the fields of authoritative spatial data systems and cadastres. Serene Ho’s PhD research and publications investigate the social, organizational, and cultural aspects of […]