Serene Ho

Serene HoResearch Fellow at the Centre for Spatial Data Infrastructures and Land Administration, University of Melbourne

We inhabit 3D space, so it’s logical that the implications of this reality are being studied regarding the fields of authoritative spatial data systems and cadastres. Serene Ho’s PhD research and publications investigate the social, organizational, and cultural aspects of introducing 3D innovation in the regulated industry of land administration as well as how this could be used to understand resistance to change and to inform strategy development to support innovation.

Serene’s research interests are exploring the relationship among new technological innovations, society, and the economy as well as implications for institutional adaptation. Her work aims to improve understanding of the interplay of issues that inhibit innovation in the spatial information sector, but also to support more responsive policy development. Her investigation includes the use of 3D digital technologies and information in an urban context, smart cities, and the open-data movement.



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