Rohan Bennett

Rohan BennettAssistant Professor of Land Administration at the University of Twente

Of prime importance for the developing world is land administration; initiatives for developing cadastres, avoiding “land grabs,” and developing green cadastres have been successful due in part to advances in geomatics science, but also due to the young dedicated professionals—with focused education—involved in these international initiatives.

Rohan Bennett holds an assistant professorship at ITC, University of Twente and also an honorary research fellowship at the University of Melbourne, Australia, where he also obtained his geomatics degree and later his PhD. He leads the recently awarded €3.9M European Commission Horizon 2020 project titled “its4land,” which will bring together partners from across Europe, Africa, academia, and the private and public sectors to look at designing scalable fit-for-purpose land administration solutions for the East African region. He is also co-editor of Advances in Responsible Land Administration, a new book from CRC Press.


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