Matej Nagy

matej nagyAssistant Project Manager for Geotechnical and Earth Works at Pomgrad Construction

The field of structural health and integrity monitoring spans surveying, geodesy, geology, geotechnical engineering, construction, and research (as each site can be unique and require custom scientific approaches). In the course of providing content on monitoring for our readers, we’ve encountered firms and individuals who represent a new breed of monitoring journeypersons: a mix of rugged field innovator and scientific researcher.  Meet Matej Nagy of Slovenia.

As a student of geotechnology and mining engineering, Matej now works in surveying and monitoring. He has connected his geotechnical engineering with his practical knowledge from surveying; this is how he began working with geotechnical instrumentation in Slovenia. He continued his career in Qatar on an underground project, then moved to London to work on the east-west Crossrail link and other sites where instrumentation and survey monitoring were needed. Currently he is back in Slovenia, continuing his career in geotechnical construction, drilling, and earth works management in the largest construction company in the state.


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